What is Plastic Coating?

Plastic Coating is a thermoplastic coating specifically designed to provide a longer-lasting, durable coating for exterior applications. The Plastic Coating is resistant to cracking, detergents, adverse weather conditions, salt spray and the most typical airborne pollutants.

The Plastic Coating product used has achieved “Test Certification” under the specifications of the “ISO 12944-6 Paints and varnishes” – Corrosions protection of steel structures by: Protective paint systems – Part 6: “Laboratory performance test”.

What Do You Need To Know About The Process?

The Plastic Coating processes are typically the same as for standard powder coating. The parts proceed through a pre-treatment process suggested by the professional. After that, the items are pre-heated then the Plastic Coat is applied by spraying or dipping. The Plastic Coating powder is then cured in an oven.

Plastic Coating has all the benefits of typical powder coating yet is a far more suitable choice for items exposed to harsh weather conditions, for example, salt spray from the coast. The estimated lifespan of Plastic-Coated products can range to 35 years, as tested in Europe, with no significant change of colour for up to at least 5 years in tropical areas.

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